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Inclusion and Equality

Inclusion and Equality

At Rubio Leguía Normand we live diversity as a competitive element that allows us to approach a diverse and changing society. It is important that our teams reflect the diversity of the societies in which we operate. 


In addition, diversity fosters empathy and innovation, and as such generates value for the Firm and positively impacts our results. This Policy emanates from our ethical principles as a law firm, which highlight the importance of diversity in our business and for society in general. The diversity we promote includes the following dimensions: cultural, gender, sexual orientation, generational, skills, disability, etc.


Our Mission is to support the diversity of our teams by fostering an inclusive work environment and mutual respect.


Maternity and Paternity

In Rubio Leguía Normand we have implemented maternity and paternity leave, being that our main criteria or principles guarantee transparency, accessibility, merit, equal opportunities and prohibition of discrimination. We firmly believe that their compliance guarantees the best growth of our team.


Prevention, attention, and sanction of sexual harassment at work

We implemented an effective mechanism to prevent and sanction sexual harassment in the Firm, establishing guidelines for an adequate investigation and sanction procedure for the same, taking as a main focus the protection of the victims.



Equal Opportunity

Our firm is firmly committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination based on gender, orientation or sexual identity. In this sense, we guarantee an equitable treatment based on objective criteria regarding the perception of income.

We are committed to fostering and ensuring the professional development of our lawyers and collaborators based on equal opportunities and transparency, so that our team has objective guidelines for their promotion and advancement.


Recruitment, selection and hiring

We aim to have the best standards in the hiring of our personnel, both with respect to our lawyers and administrative team, always seeking the use of objective criteria that, in addition, promote equal access to employment for all. Thus, we seek to attract and select the best people for all our vacant positions, making clear our general guidelines and guaranteeing equal access to employment.